What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are independent businesses that use the Asset Auctions Group LLC website to conduct online auctions and a shared vision of providing the best service possible to both sellers and buyers of both new and used restaurant equipment.


What are the qualifications?

Affiliates must be interested in the online auction business as a full-time occupation. Affiliates must have experience in the restaurant equipment industry. It is recommended that you have a strong network within the industry in order to be able to locate auction sales for your affiliate auction website. Affiliates must have the vision that Asset Auctions Group LLC’s goal is to provide excellent customer satisfaction nationwide by providing honest and accurate photos and descriptions, for both our buyers and sellers, and going above and beyond other online auction programs by providing additional services such as removal, delivery, shipping, and storage.


What would I be doing?

Affiliates are responsible for securing their own sellers through networking and advertising. Affiliates will manage the sale of merchandise from the customer contract to the lotting and tagging of items, posting to the website, advertising the sale, closing the sale, and completing load out. It is the affiliate's responsibility to close sales and pay their seller, keeping their agreed upon commissions. Affiliates are also responsible to provide services to the winning bidders after the sale.


What would I need to get started?

We require affiliates to have a warehouse in the area in which they plan to conduct the majority of their businesses. This will give you the ability to not only conduct on-site auctions but also the ability to conduct consignment as well as large customer auctions on premises when a customer does not have a secure on site location. As with any other business, they must adhere to their area's federal, state, and local laws. Insurance is required. The ability to collect credit card payments is required. Phone and email are required for contact availability.


Why Asset Auctions Group LLC?

Buying and selling of restaurant equipment through online auctions is becoming an industry standard because it is a fast and convenient way for large restaurants and warehouse sales providers to liquidate their inventory when they need it and the demand for qualified online auction providers is growing.

With the most restaurant equipment industry experience, Asset Auctions Group LLC has a reputation for being the most knowledgeable source around! Our 70 years of sales and service, our online history, repeat business, and referrals from our loyal customers have made us one of the leading online auctioneers of restaurant equipment in the United States.

Asset Auctions Groups LLC’s goal is to get only the best affiliates! By limiting the number of affiliates and their warehouse locations throughout the country, Asset Auctions Group LLC can provide its affiliates with a lucrative and secure future in the online auction business. With non-exclusive territories, affiliates will be welcome to travel the country to fulfill their customers’ needs and build their business.


Is becoming an affiliate of Asset Auctions Group LLC for you?

There are several ways to find out! Click on the “Become an Affiliate” link below and complete the form, submit your information and we will contact you. Or you may contact us directly at 816-786-7878!

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