Extended Pickup


All affiliates will make every attempt to have the manpower available during auction load out dates and times to accommodate all of the winning bidders. Bidders who need to pick items up during alternative dates and times need to be aware that load-outs are just part of the online auction business and many times employees will be scheduled for other parts of online auction operations such as deliveries and shipping and may not be available to accommodate you without making prior arrangements. 


Winning bidders need to be aware that scheduling extended pick up times for onsite auctions may also incur the additional expense of transportation charges if the items need to be transported to the affiliate's warehouse.


Please check with the affiliate hosting the auction to see if extended pick up times are available before you bid. Failure to schedule extended pickup times before the close of the auction may result in your items being considered abandoned or incur transportation and storage fees. NO refunds, exchanges, or credit will be issued due to failure to pick up your merchandise.


Extended pick up times and fees are determined by the affiliate hosting the auction and are subject to change. Please make arrangements before you bid.


Transfer of ownership and risk of loss: At the time the winning bidder pays their invoice in full, ownership of the asset and risk of loss passes immediately to the bidder. If a winning bidder pays his invoice in full but does not take possession of the asset during the removal day, ownership and risk of loss will transfer to the bidder.  

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