Shipping is available for almost every auction through all affiliates. If shipping is not available for a particular auction, it will be posted on that individual auction's information page and Terms and Conditions page. Please make sure you read the auction information page before bidding.

Small items: will be shipped through the individual affiliates ground shipper. Customers will be charged a shipping and handling fee and the actual shipping cost through the shipper. Remember packages vary in size, weight, and destination. If interested in the cost before you bid, please contact the ground shipper. You may also incur transportation costs if your items are transported from an onsite auction to the affiliate's warehouse. If we are unable to contact you to arrange shipping or we are unable to get authorization from your credit card on file, you may also be charged a storage fee. If you are not able to be contacted within 10 days or choose not to pay the shipping cost, your items will be considered abandoned. NO refunds, exchanges or credit will be issued due to failure to ship your merchandise.

Large items or multiple items will be shipped through a freight company. You may use the freight provider the affiliate recommends or you may use the freight company of your choice. The affiliate will charge a palletizing fee and transportation fee if it applies. The affiliate will NOT charge your card on file for the freight billing. Winning bidders will be responsible for this charge. Items left in the warehouse without freight arrangements for 10 days will be charged a storage fee. NO refunds, exchanges, or credit will be issued due to failure to pick up your merchandise.


Transfer of ownership and risk of loss: At the time the winning bidder pays their invoice in full, ownership of the asset and risk of loss passes immediately to the bidder. If a winning bidder pays his invoice in full but does not take possession of the asset during the removal day, ownership and risk of loss will transfer to the bidder.  

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