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Auction: Stirling Estate
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Start Date: Friday, May 10th at 11:00 pm ET
End Date: Tuesday, May 21st at 8:00 pm EST
Preview Date: Tuesday, May 21 between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM
Removal Date: Wednesday, May 22 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM
Location: NEW LOCATION 2840 River Road East, Van Buren, AR 72901
Description: PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE MOVED TO OUR NEW LOCATION! And what a great auction to kick off our first auction in our new building! You will find 2 scooters, 5 firearms*, BB gun, Gun case, Very good condition tools, Stihl weedeater in very good condition, Desk, Cabinets, Solid brass deer head, Cleaning supplies, Men's clothing and shoes, Bed, Razorback red recliner, Storage shelves, Sofa table, Iron & ironing board, Dishwasher, Ammunition, Flat screen TV, Large Window shades, Air compressor, Blender, Silverware, Patio table, Steam cleaner, Clocks, Backyard grill, Cigarette lighters & cigars, DC collection, Scrabble game, Decks of cards, Gun cleaning kit, Decor, Blueray DVD player, Yard supplies, Insecticides, Wheelbarrow, New tarp, Shower chair, Trash cans, Canes, Office chair and a whole whole whole lot more. *Firearms are NOT held at this location. You can only view them at preview day. If you win the bid, you will pick up from a certified gun dealer near our previous location. And you will pay him $20 to register the rifle to you. If you know you can't own a firearm, please do not bid.


Terms & Conditions

 THESE ARE INTERNET ONLY SALES IN AN ONLINE AUCTION FORMAT:  These are the Terms and Conditions you agree to for registration and bidding on the Asset Auctions Group LLC website.  Please read carefully and fully before continuing to register.

Do not bid if you cannot agree to the terms of this contract or are not able to pay and pick up your items within the specified terms of this contract.

BUYERS PREMIUM:  A 15% buyer's premium will be added to each purchase.  If you bid $100.00 at checkout you will be charged $115.00.

ON FILE:  Bidders are required to register and maintain an up to date credit card on file with Asset Auctions Group LLC.  The billing address you have on file must match your credit cards billing address.  Asset Auctions Group LLC may run an authorization on bidding credit cards on file at any time. If the authorization is declined bidding privileges will be suspended.

PAYMENT:  We accept cash, certified check with letter from bank, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express.  Asset Auctions Group uses the Stripe credit card payment processor. We encourage you to pay for your items online through the website after the auction closes when you receive your invoice via email. A link to pay your invoice will be provided in the email. You must contact your Asset Auctions Group LLC affiliate before the close of the auction to arrange an alternative payment method. Failure to pay for items purchased will result in your bidding rights being revoked.

Any additional fees such as removal, transportation, shipping and storage fees will be billed to your credit card separately unless prearrangements have been made.

WARRANTY AND CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD:  All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS WITH NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.  No returns will be accepted due to lack of inspection on the part of the bidder.  The sale is to the business community as "equipment" and "inventory" without any implied or expressed warranty.  You are bidding on the description, NOT THE PHOTO. Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.  When you are not certain of the condition or use of an item please bid accordingly or do not bid at all.  The buyer of the items agrees that they cannot rely, and has not relied, on any representation, warranty, or guarantee made by the seller or anyone acting as an agent of the seller, orally or in writing.

CAUTION:  For demonstration purposes, various equipment may be joined.  Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they are connected or pictured together.  Please inspect the numbers and read the descriptions carefully. Contact the affiliate hosting the sale for any further clarifications or questions.

CATALOG DISCREPANCIES: You are bidding on the description of the item; not the photo.  Occasionally the wrong photo may be displayed - always read the description. In the event that a seller has withdrawn an item from the sale prior to the close of the auction, Asset Auctions Group LLC may delete the item, update the item description, or leave the item on the catalog and "buyback" the item on behalf of the seller to establish Asset Auctions Group LLC's earned commission and buyer's premium due Asset Auctions Group LLC from the seller.

PUBLIC INSPECTION:  To ensure that bidders can place their bids with the utmost confidence, Asset Auctions Group LLC provides previews. The preview is generally the day before or day of the auction closing.  The preview is your time as a bidder to inspect, measure and assess the condition of all auction items.  If you would like to preview the auction but are not available the day of preview please contact your affiliate, we will try to accommodate you and arrange a private preview but we cannot guarantee this service.

Preview and inspection is NOT offered after the auction has closed.  NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED AFTER THE AUCTION HAS CLOSED.


  • While Asset Auction Group will make every effort to assist bidders, we do not accept absentee bids. Please utilize the maximum bid feature.

  • Asset Auctions Group LLC reserves the right to rescind or reject any and all bids.

  • Bids are enforceable commitments to purchase.  By placing a bid in our auction, a bidder is making a binding offer to purchase the item for the amount of the bid.  Bidders are responsible for honoring their bids if they receive a winning bidder invoice.

  • Increasing your own bid.  Please be aware that many bidders routinely increase their own bid to price an item out of reach of other bidders.  

  • You should immediately review your bids once submitted.  If you find you have made an error please contact the affiliate hosting the auction immediately by e-mail and by phone.  When possible, we will be able to correct your error but this is not a guarantee.  If you have made an error we will not correct it after the auction has closed, no exceptions.

  • Staggered closing: Beginning with lot 1 items will close at a rate of 3 to 6 minutes depending on the auction size and time available until all lots have closed. This feature will close the bidding on intervals.  This feature works great with the auto-extend feature to closely emulate a "live" auction.

  • Dynamic closing:  The closing time of an item is automatically extended an additional 3 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes of an items closing time.

  • Bid notification:  If you have been outbid, you will be notified by email

  • Winner notification:  You will be notified by email at the auction closing if you have won an item.  You are responsible for checking your email and it recommended that you bring your invoice to auction loadout.  If you are sending someone other than yourself to pick up your merchandise they must have a copy of your winning invoice in order to receive your merchandise.

  • Transfer of ownership and risk of loss:  At the time the winning bidder pays his invoice in full, ownership of the asset and risk of loss passes immediately to the bidder.  If a winning bidder pays his invoice in full, but does not take possession of the asset during the removal day, ownership and risk of loss will still transfer to the bidder.

REMOVAL:  Each auction will have a designated LOAD OUT DATE AND TIME.  All winning bidders are expected to pick up their merchandise during this time. Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser. Buyer will be responsible for bringing their own tools and help when they purchase items that may need to be disconnected or dismantled for removal and transportation.  Items not removed during this time may be considered abandoned if the buyer has not made prior arrangements with the affiliate hosting the auction for transportation, shipping or an alternative pickup date. Bid accordingly, if you are not able to pick up your items up on the designated day and time and have not made prior arrangements with the affiliate hosting the auction for additional services, DO NOT BID; no refunds or credits will be given for non-removal.

ABANDONMENT:  Winning bidders who fail to pick up merchandise, arrange shipping, or are unable to be contacted within 10 days of auction closing may have their merchandise considered abandoned or be charged storage fees.  Failure to collect your merchandise will NOT result in refunds, exchanges or credits.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP AND RISK OF LOSS: At the time the winning bidder pays his invoice in full, ownership of the asset and risk of loss passes immediately to the bidder. If a winning bidder pays his invoice in full but does not take possession of the asset during the removal day, ownership and risk of loss will transfer to the bidder.

WEBSITE INTERRUPTION:  Asset Auctions Group LLC is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the reliability of our website.  Unfortunately, there are factors outside of our control that can impact access to .  Should there be internet interruptions or other website problems Asset Auctions Group LLC will have the right to shut down the auction and reschedule its closing.

IMPORTANT:  Asset Auctions Group LLC will have the options of reselling, removing, storing or abandoning, at the expense and risk of the purchaser, items not paid for and/or not removed with in the specific time.  The buyer agrees to pay all deficiencies, legal, collection, transportation, and storage expenses associated with delinquent accounts or abandoned items. Asset Auctions Group LLC also has the right to terminate bidding privileges if a bidder has not abided by the Terms and Conditions of the specific auction.   

ADDITIONAL SERVICES:  Bidders are welcome to contact the affiliate hosting the auction to arrange additional services such as removal, transportation, shipping, delivery and storage when items cannot be picked up at the scheduled load out date.  Please review these services in the Additional Services drop-down box at the top of the home page and contact the affiliate hosting the auction to ensure these services are available for the specific auction in question and the fee's that will be associated with these services.

ASSET AUCTIONS GROUP LLC AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER:  Bidder indemnifies and holds Asset Auctions Group LLC harmless against any damage, loss or injury arising from the transactions conducted by affiliates.  All Asset Auctions Group LLC affiliate warehouses are independently owned and operated and are contractors utilizing the website bidding platform. assumes no liability for auctions put on the Asset Auctions Group LLC website and no liability for any disputes between buyer and seller.  Each auction sale has its own terms and conditions which you must agree to before placing a bid for that auction.  Each Asset Auctions Group LLC affiliate is solely responsible for the content of each sale.  If you do have any issues that cannot be resolved, please email Please check with the affiliate hosting the auction to ensure the service is available before you bid.

ASSET AUCTIONS GROUP LLC reserves the right to add or remove items from any auction.  Split or combine lots.  Add reserve prices or minimum bids.  Suspend, cancel, reschedule or extend an individual item and/or auction event.  Asset Auctions Group reserves the right to update or change the terms and conditions before any individual auction is open for bidding. Asset Auctions Group LLC is disclosing that we do allow seller bidding for the sake of item reserves.  The seller is allowed to bid on his/her items until they meet his/her reserve price or until they purchase the item back.  

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: Asset Auctions Group LLC has a no return, refund or exchange policy.





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